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Can intuition and telepathy be used as a resource to keep us safe? Can telepaths identify terrorists determined to destroy the world with nuclear weapons before it's too late?

The United States government and military must keep an open mind as to what people are capable of in this world.  If people with remarkable abilities do exist, must they be identified, studied and prevented from working against our national security interests?

Irene Baron [say: I-rene Bear-on], is the author of Mindreacher, a geopolitical sci-fi thriller that blends current and future technology with paranormal activity and examines how telepathy could be used in future combat situations.

She said, "I wanted to write something that would not only bring people joy and pleasure but also stimulate conversation about ideas rarely considered before."

Irene Baron is an award-winning author, teacher and aerial photographer. She was named the "Top Female Writer of the Year 2020" by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) based on her past achievements, longevity in the writing field and contributions to society.

You can learn more about Irene Baron at her primary website, Her Mindreacher website is 

Welcome Irene Baron. 


1.      Tell us about your new thriller, Mindreacher

Mindreacher is a work of speculative fiction but the science is comprehensive. I simply fictionalized it to get the information out there. Readers won't be able to tell if they're reading fact or fiction.  They'll wonder, "Is this going on now or not?"

Governments have been doing research on psychic abilities since the 1950's or earlier. The United States Army is the primary psychic research organization in this country.

When terrorists become hell-bent on destroying the United States with nuclear weapons, the President initiates a top-secret project to find them. 'Mindreachers,' superior genius telepaths rumored to have been born decades ago in South Africa and hidden around the globe, could find terrorists. Do they exist? How would you find a mindreacher?

In my book, hero Major Jon Coulter, USMC is a former SEAL who detests anything psychic. He's ordered to protect a minor female telepath, Ana Masterson, who is assigned to find a mindreacher, a superior telepath who could identify terrorists. Coulter is to observe any telepathy techniques for future combat situations.

Mindreacher is the first psychological and geopolitical novel in the mindreacher series. It's filled with technology, telepathy, assassins and global adventures of an American duo battling al-Qaeda groups and their amoebic offspring around the world. Terrorists don't want to be identified. Coulter and Masterson are placed on every terrorist hit list making their task more deadly every day.

2. How did you learn so much about fighting terrorists?

During the Vietnam War, I worked as the Battelle Memorial Institute Information Specialist contracted by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Advanced Research Projects Agency, Research & Development Center – Supreme Command, Thailand. (OSD/ARPA/R&D Center-Thailand).  I gathered data for counterinsurgency along the Mekong River bordering Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand while directing aerial photography along the Mekong River. Air America/CIA helicopters and winged aircraft were used during photography.
      When ARPA cleared their library of declassified military material, I gathered dozens of manuals about survival skills, counter-insurgency, weaponry, jungle warfare, etc. It was such exciting reading, I knew others would be interested. I began researching and collecting data for my mindreacher thriller series. 

3. Mindreacher takes place primarily in Southeast Asia. What experiences have you had in that part of the world? 

Most experiences were top-secret at that time. I worked in Thailand and Laos, traveling in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Indochina, China, India, Sri Lanka, etc. You'll see my experiences reflected in Mindreacher
     It is a totally different mindset to live in a Third World Country. At that time, conditions were primitive in upcountry locations. I loved flying into the Royal Thai military airports throughout Thailand. Our U.S. Air Force pilots were busy flying Phantoms in and out bombing terrorist and Vietcong sites. I could hear the bombs going off when resting along the banks of the Mekong River or in airports like Nakorn Phanom. 

4.      Where do you get all your new ideas for the James Bond type gadgets your hero uses? 

 As an Information Specialist, I enjoyed learning about new weapons, equipment and wartime techniques.  Many used in Mindreacher are still in the research stages. I read technology books and newsletters from private and government research sites. They provide information on the latest wartime gadgets. I want my books to stun readers as they laugh and wonder about the stories. 

5.      What surprised you about your research? 

When I asked for permission to use data or industry names in the book, industry contacts would laugh. They were surprised a female wanted access to their data for a thriller book. Since much of the information is not yet known to the public, I placed a glossary and list of references in each Mindreacher book. 

6.     What’s the next book in the series and when will it be published? 

Mindreacher – The Galapagos Incident, is the second book.Much time was spent on the Galapagos islands researching conditions.  The United States Navy has a strong part in this book. Australians will enjoy their unsung heroes written into the story.  I expect readers will be astounded by the storyline. Each volume of Mindreacher will take place in a different country. Mindreacher followers will learn about many cultures, local beliefs and terrorist activities within the borders. The same Marine hero and female telepath will be highlighted in each novel of the series.

7.    Which of your books have received awards? 

Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery was the first one. I began studying astronomy in college,  taught astronomy at the high school level and founded a SE Ohio astronomy club. I began studying ancient scriptures as a teen by borrowing books from local churches and personal libraries of many pastors. When NASA sent me almost 70 astronomy computer programs, I used them to research information about predawn skies at Christ's time in history. I studied ancient astronomers and their beliefs. With that information and after several years of working with the astronomy software, I discovered the Christmas star. I placed the facts in my book which was awarded a Gold Medal and First Place as the Exemplary Christian Education Book of 2013.

Mary Knew – A Biography of Mary from Ancient Scriptures was the second award-winning book. I used the eyewitness testimony written by Apostle James, Joseph's youngest son. I  rewrote his scriptures about Mary in the historical narrative format for easy reading. This book was awarded a Bronze Medal and Third Place as the Exemplary Christian Biography Book of 2018.


Author: Mindreacher- Book 1 of Mindreacher Series. Paperback. June 2019. 
Author:  Mindreacher- Book 1 of Mindreacher Series. eBook. June 2019 
Author:  Mary Knew - A Biography of Mary from Ancient Scriptures. Third Place Bronze Medal. Illumination Book Awards. 2018 Exemplary Christian Biography. Paperback. 2018. 
Author:  Mary Knew - A Biography of Mary from Ancient Scriptures. Third Place Bronze Medal. Illumination Book Awards. 2018 Exemplary Christian Biography. eBook. 2018. 
Author/Illustrator:  Unraveling The Christmas Star Mystery; First Place Gold Medal, Illumination Book Awards, 2013 Exemplary Christian Education Book. Paperback. 2013 
Author/Illustrator:  Unraveling The Christmas Star Mystery; First Place Gold Medal, Illumination Book Awards, 2013 Exemplary Christian Education Book. eBook. 2013 
Author: Award-WinningBlogs 
Author:  Operational Procedures: Laboratory Material Division (all levels) for Battelle Memorial Institute (Remote Area Conflict Information Center), Office Secretary of Defense/Advanced Research Projects Agency/Research &Development Center, Supreme Command Headquarters, Bangkok, Thailand 
Contributing Author: Mekong River Project,  Top Secret. Geology & Hydrology sections for Battelle Memorial Institute (Remote Area Conflict Information Center), Office Secretary of Defense/Advanced Research Projects Agency/Research &Development Center, Supreme Command Headquarters, Bangkok, Thailand. 
Author/Illustrator: The Circus Clown Alphabet, limited edition. 
Author: Mindreacher - The Galapagos Incident, Book 2 of Mindreacher Series. Scheduled for publication 2020. 
Author: Mindreacher, Book 1 of the Mindreacher Series. Publication date 2020. 
Editor, Managing & Contributing: "Earth Scientist," The Journal of the National Earth Science Teachers Association, East-Central Region 
Editor: Midwest United States - geological newsletters/publications/newspapers, etc 
Information Specialist, Information Systems Research Division, Remote Area Conflict Information Center, Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, OH & Bangkok,Thailand. 
Web Page Creator: 
Training: World Engineers Joint Council  London, England. This training allowed Baron to read a manuscript or book and place the contents into a database with the information reduced to 4-5 searchable key words. This was accomplished for the Remote Area Conflict Information Center located at Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio & Bangkok, Thailand. This coursework provided training for creating information retrieval systems prior to use of Internet and electronic search engines. By applying information learned in these listed courses, Irene was able to complete research for her own books quickly and efficiently. Coursework included: 
      Abstracting Techniques: Types of Abstracts 
     Component Operations & Procedural Steps in Coordinate Indexing 
     Index & Collection Organization & Storage 
     Information Retrieval Thesauri 
     Information System Objectives & Approaches 
     Introduction to Mechanization of Information Storage & Retrieval 
     Levels of Sophistication of Mechanization of Information Handling 
     Linguistic Problems in Information Retrieval 
     New Approaches to Information Retrieval 
     Relationships of Knowledge, Information, & Data 
     Syntactical Problems in Coordinate Indexing & Solutions: Links and Roles 
     The Engineers Joint Council Action Plan 
     The Information Problem: Causes, Effects, & Solutions 
     traditional Approaches to Information Handling 

Irene Baron  has attended and spoken at numerous local/state/regional conferences & workshops 


Who are your favorite authors? 
Books I have read more than once would be my favorites. Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand captured my attention as I studied her technique in storytelling. I have collected many adventure/thrillers series.   I enjoy classic science fiction by authors such as Arthur C. Clarke and Frank Herbert  I collect and am impressed with highly engineered pop-up-books by Robert Sabuda. 

What are your favorite books? 
My most used/favorite sets of books are combat and weaponry reference books for my mindreacher series. Collections of art and cooking books are next in my list of favorites. 

Who are your favorite literary characters? 
The superbly written heroine of Atlas Shrugged, Dagney, was woven to be the ideal woman in a changing world.  My favorite male character has been Francisco d’Anconia, an aristocrat in the same book who is a genius with ability, independence and competence. 

Is there anything you wish to share with potential readers? 
The Mindreacher series has a premise not previously encountered with the President’s highly classified Virtual ExtraSensory Perception Experimental Research project (VESPER). Each book has intrigue, perilous international terrorist activities, new gadgets in the clandestine industry, links to government agencies and military, unusual characters and humor. The heroine is a minor telepath who becomes more adept at using her psychic ability. The hero, who is repulsed by psychics, is at odds with the woman he is assigned to protect during their international searches to find a “Mindreacher,” a superior telepath who could fly over a city and locate terrorists by reading minds. Readers tell me they can’t put the debut book down. Many report they can’t tell fact from fiction in the debut book. 

Personal notes: The three awards I most appreciate are for two books and one aerial photograph. Hobbies include art, reading, writing and preparing gourmet meals. I currently live in Ohio. I have one daughter. 


"The mindreacher concept is novel and refreshing. The action doesn't stop."  J. Wittich, Editor 
"It was difficult to differentiate between fact and fiction. A good read." V. Whitacre, M.D.  Beta Reader 
"This novel reads like a blend of Clive Cussler and Indiana Jones. Full of excitement!" S. Wickersham McWhorter, Editor 
"I was fascinated to learn so much about the human mind. I didn't want it to end." K. Brantley, Reader 
"Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down." C. Frompovich, Editor 

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