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Spotlighting Author Irene Baron 

Zanesville, OH --- Irene Baron is the author of Mindreacher, a geopolitical sci-fi Thriller that blends current and future technology with paranormal activity and examines how telepathy could be used in future combat situations. It is the first book of the mindreacher series. 

Former SEAL, Major Jon Coulter, is ordered to work with an innocent female telepath. Due to a national nuclear threat, a mindreacher who can identify terrorists must be located during an international search. Al-Qaeda groups and their amoebic offspring, not wanting to be identified, plan to eliminate the telepath. In the process, Coulter is ordered to learn how psychic abilities can benefit combat situations. 

Can mindreachers become human government resources to keep the U.S. safe from nuclear destruction? Of what powers are they capable? Should regulations be placed on them? Could they become government threats? 

Baron began her writing career as an Information Specialist with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Advanced Research Projects Agency, Research & Development Center-Thailand under contract with Battelle Memorial Institute of Columbus, OH. Her counterinsurgency work contributing writing and directing aerial photography for the Mekong River Project book during the Vietnam War allowed her to collect data and information to develop what would become Mindreacher. 

Of that time, Baron said, "Flying in Air America helicopters around the Mekong River for several years during the Vietnam War was one of the more exciting times of my life." 

A former science educator, Baron stated, “Most readers will not be able to tell fact from fiction in the novel.” According to her, this is a work of speculative fiction with powerful science concepts. She acknowledged being intrigued by ongoing psychic research . 

Mindreacher has been well received with excellent reviews. Readers have called Baron “Michael Crichton reborn."

Baron obtained a Hiram College BA in General Science and Ohio University MA in Education. She has been a public speaker over 20-years and interviewed multiple times on radio, Internet radio and television. She is a classical drawing instructor and private pilot. Baron lived in Thailand (4+yrs), Germany (2-yrs). She currently resides in Ohio with her daughter. 

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