Many who have enjoyed the first Mindreacher book of the series suggested the glossary about the new technology and facts written into the first thriller should be posted in a blog. Readers, your wish came true! Now everyone will know the facts from the fiction in the book. The glossary holds only facts.


AL-QAEDA:  Also known as al-Qaida, al-Qadr, Group for the Preservation of the Holy Sites, International Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders, Islamic Army for the Liberation of Holy Places, Islamic Army for the Liberation of Holy Shrines, and Islamic Salvation Foundation. Al-Qaeda is an Islamic extremist organization cofounded by Osama bin Laden, Mohammed Atef, and Abu Ubaidah al Banhirir to make the Jihad international. According to Yonah Alexander and Michael Swetnam in their book Usama bin Laden’s al-Qaida: Profile of a Terrorist Network, al-Qaeda began in 1989. It consists of numerous terrorist organizations which continually evolve. The al-Qaeda goal is to unite all Muslims and establish a global government based on sharia law. 

Alexander, Y., Swetnam, Michael S. Usama bin Laden’s al-Qaida: Profile of a Terrorist Network. (Ardsley, NY: Transnational Publishers, Inc.) 2001. 

AMERIBAG: An Ameribag is a “healthy back bag” worn over either shoulder, or cross-body. It is contoured to the natural shape of the human back. The more places the bag touches when worn, the lighter it feels. Numerous interior pockets offer security, organization, accessibility and comfort. Angled exterior pockets fasten differently to enable the wearer to remember where they put supplies. Heroine Ana, in the MINDREACHER novel uses an Ameribag as her daily purse, as does author Baron. 
      http://www.ameribag.com     Accessed December 14, 2017 

BAMBOO WATER: Bamboo grass (Bambusa Schreb)  has over 1,000 species with giant bamboos being the largest member of the grass family. Called  tree grass, it is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world and grows up to a meter per day.  Water may be found in the vascular bamboo stem cavity between the rings. To access the water, a notch is cut at the base of each cavity between the rings. 

BIOFUSION:  An Automatic Chemical Agent Detection Alarm system is an alarm system based on technology to detect different airborne agents with a response time of less than two minutes. Thousands of types of chemicals that can be detected in vapor clouds within a 5-mile radius include blister and nerve agents. The DOD recommended point detectors which are man-portable for placement but must be stationary to function correctly. The Biofusion detectors can be used with a gas chromatography system. Such a system can weigh over 100-pounds and require a 120 or 220V AC power supply.   They can operate continually after they are started and can be utilized in battlefield situations. Such systems can also be linked to other automated warning systems. They can be created to produce an alarm which can be heard from a distance. In this novel, the detector is an advanced, stationary unit placed in a VESPER entry area to detect chemical agents in the vicinity of the unit. National Research Council (US) Commission on Engineering and Technical Systems 
      National Research Council. 1998. Review of Mass Spectrometry and Bioremediation  Programs of the Edgewood Research, Development and Engineering Center. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.   https://doi.org/10.17226/6316 

BO-SHERIKEN: The Japanese Bo-Shuriken consists of a thin single blade about four-inches long. It was often called a throwing needle. The modern weapon is often in the shape of a star. The weapon dates back to a professional swordsman of the 1500’s. It is held between two fingers. A flicking motion of the wrist propels the lethal instrument straight to the intended target. 

CARBON NANOTUBE:  Discovered in 1991, carbon molecules of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) efficiently conduct heat, have unique electrical properties and are exceptionally strong. Science Daily of 29 July 2016 reports one end of the cylinder is often capped with a hemisphere of buckyball structure. The diameter of the tube is approximately 50,000 times the width of a human hair and up to several millimeters in length. Single and multi-walled CNTs exist. 
      .https://www.sciencedaily.com/terms/carbon_nanotube.htm Accessed December 26, 2017. 

CARBON NANOTUBE SUPER-FABRIC:  Due to their tubular structure, CNTs are 50-times stronger than carbon steel. Scientists speculate they will create applications to make a diverse range of materials stronger, from fabrics to steels. Techniques have been developed to extract CNT fiber from a soup of carbon nanotubes.  Since they conduct and hold electrical charges, electrical devices could be incorporated into CNT fabrics. To date, a flexible sheet of correctly aligned CNTs will support 50,000-times its own weight. Ray H. Baughman of the University of Texas spun CNTs with polyvinyl alcohol. The human-hair- size-threads were 17-times stronger than Kevlar and 4-times stronger than spider silk. Baughman stated, “You could cover an acre with a sheet that weighs only four ounces.”  It is anticipated CNT spinoffs will be used in artificial body parts, vehicles, heating elements, batteries, etc.     
       Winters, Jeffrey. Associate Editor. “Wonder Cloth,” Mechanical Engineering, 146, no.4 (April 2006)  Accessed 12 March 2011, https://www.asme.org/engineering-topics/articles/nanotechnology/carbon-nanotube-super-fabric 

CITADEL: Citadel Cyber Communications Command maintains ongoing research by students and faculty mentors at the Citadel in South Carolina which crosses the range of communications. One such study is an Intrusion Detection system which identifies invasion activity from outside the primary network. The Citadel has much current research in communications which the United States government may adopt/use in security measures. Students under the direction of faculty members have worked on building a “Prototype of Agents and deploying them in the Network to Detect Intrusions. Such agents would have prevented intrusions of satellite communication systems found in this novel. 

CONSCIOUSNESS: Tom Siegfried wrote, “Consciousness … represented evolution’s pinnacle, the outcome of eons of ever-growing complexity in biochemical information processing.” When our brain receives information from the outside world and organs within itself, it integrates that data to create reality. “At its core, consciousness is self-referential awareness, the self’s sense of its own existence. It is consciousness itself that is trying to explain consciousness.” Laura Sanders wrote in the Recipe for consciousness: “Somehow a sense of self emerges from the many interactions of nerve cells and neurotransmitters in the brain – but a single source behind the phenomenon remains elusive.” 
       Sanders, Laura. Emblems of Awareness – Brain signatures lead scientists to the seat of consciousness. Science News. (11 February 2012) 23-27. 
       Siegfried, Tom. “Self as Symbol – The loopy nature of consciousness trips up scientists studying themselves.” Science News (11 February 2012) 28-30. 

DEFENSE ADVANCED RESEARCH PROJECTS AGENCY (DARPA): “For sixty years, DARPA has held to a singular and enduring mission: to make pivotal investments in breakthrough technologies for national security. The genesis of that mission and of DARPA itself dates to the launch of Sputnik in 1957, and a commitment by the United States that, from that time forward, it would be the initiator and not the victim of strategic technological surprises. Working with innovators inside and outside of government, DARPA has repeatedly delivered on that mission, transforming revolutionary concepts and even seeming impossibilities into practical capabilities. The ultimate results have included not only game-changing military capabilities such as precision weapons and stealth technology, but also such icons of modern civilian society such as the Internet, automated voice recognition and language translation, and Global Positioning System receivers small enough to embed in myriad consumer devices.” 

The MINDREACHER author accomplished research, directed aerial photography and authored two sections of the classified counterinsurgency book, MEKONG RIVER while working with DARPA in Thailand. She was under contract with Battelle Memorial Institute for the Office of the Secretary of Defense, ARPA, Research & Development Center, Supreme Command, Thailand. DARPA completes research in cooperation with academic, corporate and government partners.   

DHARMA: There is no one word translation of Dharma in Western languages. It refers to law and order. What the word means varies with the religious context in which it is used. In the writings of Buddha, it is in the Pali language and includes descriptions of ways individuals should live to be moral and follow the path of righteousness. The Dharma concept has been in use by many religions for centuries. 

DINGO: Dingo is a term for feral dogs in Southeast Asia. They are considered the first native dog in the Americas. The original term relates to a dog native to Australia, the Canis lupis dingo. As an adult, they may reach a mass of 44-pounds with a height of 2-feet at the shoulder. The dingo is able to turn its head about 180-degrees in each direction. 

DOPAMINE:   A neurotransmitter, dopamine can flood the brain to create a euphoric state that suppresses the amygdale and brings pleasure. Dopamine gives an overall sense of well-being and meaningfulness, which is felt mostly in an area of the pre-frontal cortex. It brings a sense of cohesiveness. The amygdala, in comparison, is ready to generate anxiety and gloom.  Too much of the dopamine neurotransmitter causes hallucinations, paranoia, over-excitement, euphoria and exaggerated feelings of meaningfulness. Too little dopamine brings feelings of meaninglessness, lethargy, misery, depression, lack of attention and withdrawal. MINDREACHER heroine, Ana Masterson, can release dopamine from her mind. 
      Godwin, Malcom. Who Are You? 101 Ways of Seeing Yourself. (New York: Penguin Books. New York, 2000. 39. 

EMBEDDED TECHNOLOGY: Using micro and Nanoengineering, embeddable devices have been created for energy harvesting and storage. They were designed to be self-sustaining systems. Most are used in the medical field to store, process and transport data. They can generate codes for ultra-secure encryption for improved security and accuracy. A few were developed to be used as Nanosized transceivers using atoms and molecules to function. The A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland continues research in that field of study. (A nanometer equals one billionth of a meter.) 

FULLERENES:  A fullerene is a form of spheroidal carbon molecule consisting of a hollow cage of atoms. Sometimes called “buckyballs,” they were named after Buckminster Fuller, they were discovered during research at Rice University in 1985. Much research has taken place with the fullerenes, including layering them between graphene sheets. They were combined with other products in this novel to create the bulletproof spidersilk fabric. 

GIBBON:  The tropical forests of Southeast Asia has over twenty species of gibbons. They resemble a monkey with no tail. They have longer arms and a sound sac in their throat to amplify their “hoot” which is often vocalized as a duet with another gibbon of the opposite sex. 

GLIA: Glia cells in the brain account for over forty percent of brain weight. They  “…influence the way chemical and electrical signals travel from neuron to neuron and may shape the way information is stored.” (ScienceNews 8/22/15. 19) They may also help protect the brain. Glial cells in the brain outnumber neurons. Neuroscientists Robin Franklin and Timothy Bussey of the University of Cambridge stated there is compelling evidence that the humans’ superior learning and memory skills are partially due to glia which support neurons and help form the blood-brain barrier. 

There are three types of glia (R.D. Fields/Nature 2013): A) Microglia enlarge before attacking invaders that enter the brain. They consume dead or dying cells and clear out unnecessary nerve cell connections. (ScienceNews:11/30/13,22).   

They travel and respond to nervous system injury and infection and monitor electrical activity in neurons. Their dysfunction is involved in most nervous system diseases. 
      Yeager, Ashley. “Maestros of Learning and Memory – Glia prove to be more than the brain’s maintenance crew. Science News, (August 22, 2015) 19-21. 

Glial stem cells stabilize blood vessels feeding the brain with ten times more oxygen and nutrients than other body organs. Since Alzheimer’s disease is characterized in part by brain-wide vascular/blood vessel problems, the glial cells may be insufficient. (Irene Baron suggests since glial cells require calcium, a diet low in that element may be partially responsible for initiating Alzheimer’s disease. 
      Moyer, Melinda W. “Without Glia, the Brain Would Starve - Blood vessels break down if certain glial cells are not present.” Scientific American MIND (May/June 2013) 17. 

Eric Newman and Kathleen Zahs, physiologists at the University of Minnesota, have shown  glia release calcium which has “a direct impact on the firing of the neurons.” Since fictional Anna Masterson in this novel has more glia than normal, she requires more calcium and craves milk as her beverage of choice. 
      Morrison, Chris. “New Knowledge of Neural Neighbors!” Only On Science Friday Online. (22 December 2004) Accessed 23 December 2006, 

GORE-TEX: Gore-Tex fabric is waterproof and breathable by repelling liquid while allowing air to pass through. It was created using Teflon. The trademark is registered with W. L. Gore and Associates. 

GRAPHAIR:  © Copyright CSIRO Australia 
Scientists with the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) “have created a type of material to create a water filter that can make highly polluted seawater drinkable after just one pass.” It uses a one-atom-thick carbon material, Graphene, as a filter. That material has microscopic nano-channels allowing water through, but stops most other particles, including sea salt. By adding a layer of a new carbon material, called Graphair (made from soybean oil) 99% of the contaminants were stopped from passing through the filter. Eventually, filters will be made small enough to carry for personal water purification and large enough for industrial use. Permission was granted by CSIRO to use their information. 
       Starr, Michelle. “New Graphene Invention Makes Filthy Seawater Drinkable in One Simple Step.” Science Alert. (February 16, 2018): Accessed  February 18, 2018, www.ScienceAlert.com/graphene-film-water-filtration-drinkable-seawater 

Readers may also wish to access this author’s GraphAir blog articles at:   

GRAPHENE: Graphene is used in bulletproof clothing. New uses for the material are being invented continually. Andrew Grant wrote, “It’s strong yet flexible, it’s an impenetrable wall for molecules trying to pass through, and it’s a fantastic conductor.”  By adding calcium it can move current resistance-free.  
       Grant, Andrew. “Graphene turned into a superconductor.”  Science News. (3 October 2015) 

GS RATING:  The General Schedule (GS) is the pay scale for federal employees. It consists of 15 grades, GS-1 to GS-15 with 10-steps within each grade. This author held a GS-13 rating when assigned to government contract work in southeast Asia. At the time that rating was equivalent to a U.S. Army major. 

GULFSTREAM G650ER:  According to their website, the G650ER was designed to be the most technically sophisticated and comfortable private airplane. Flight deck capabilities allow pilot-controlled onboard computers to be changed to full automatic to monitor the flight. When on automatic, computer adjustments create smoother flights. Using the PlaneView II flight deck, information from the Flight Management System and the primary flight display are shown on multiple large format screens. 

            Pilot controlled two side-mounted Gulfstream-designed Cursor Control Devices (CCDs) integrate with PlaneView II. Pilots select and scroll where and how they want to see airways, airports, radar weather and other data to increase situational awareness and their response. The Enhanced Vision System (EVS) II, or the nose-mounted infrared camera, images can be seen on an instrument panel screen. The aircraft cruises at 51,000 feet which is above commercial traffic and weather. 

For passenger comfort, the cabin is replenished with 100 percent fresh air every two minutes. Such oxygenation “reduces fatigue and ensures a more alert and refreshed arrival many time zones later. At a cruise altitude of 45,000/13,716 meters, a G650ER cabin is pressurized to an altitude of 4,060 feet/1,237 meters. That cabin altitude is almost two times lower than commercial airlines.” 

Being a pilot, author Irene Baron chose this aircraft as the one in which she would enjoy sitting right seat as an observer. 

HEMISPHERIC SLEEP: Christof Koch of the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle wrote, “… the capacity to awaken from slumber distinguishes sleep from coma.” Studies have been made using electric signals from the brain. They show some animals keep one hemisphere of their brain awake when sleeping. When not fully relaxed, humans also sleep with one of the mind’s hemispheres in alert mode. When fully relaxed, both hemispheres will enter the restful sleep mode.. Long-term effects of sleeping with only one hemisphere at rest are unknown. 
       Koch. Christof. “To Sleep with Half a Brain – Sleep and Wakefulness Are Not All-or-none States Of Mind. When we sleep, one side of our brain can be awake.” Scientific American MIND. 7. No 5. (September/October 2016) 22-25. 

INCENDIARY AMMUNITION:  Much of this ammunition has been banned by NATO. Highly explosive, this ammunition is used to punch holes and catch objects on fire. If it has a Tetryl explosive compound at the tip, it will have an internal firing mechanism. At impact the firing pin will strike the explosive Tetryl compound which scatters the incendiary material and flames. The tip color of the bullet defines use. Red or orange is a tracer. Black is armor piercing. Red atop a black band is an armor piercing tracer. Light blue or silver is basic incendiary. The initial flame is 3,000-degrees Fahrenheit. This type of ammunition is dangerous and restricted in many states within the United States. Always be responsible, respectable and safe with firearms. 

INFRASOUND:  Sound is a vibration the human ear can detect. Infrasound lies at the extreme low end of our hearing range with vibrations occurring fewer than 20-times per second. This frequency can travel over a thousand miles. When not audible, infrasound has been described as a rough or popping effect or a chugging, whooshing sensation which can be felt.  

Author Irene Baron has felt the “popping effect” from passing earthquake waves. 

The female lead of this novel experienced infrasound from a tiger which incapacitated her. Elizabeth von Muggenthaler, a bioacoustician from the Fauna Communications Research Institute in North Carolina, presented her research at the Acoustical Society of America meeting in Newport Beach, CA. She discussed her work concerning the paralyzing effect that a tiger’s roar has on animals, including humans. 
       American Institute of Physics -- Inside Science News Service. "The Secret Of A Tiger's Roar." ScienceDaily. Accessed 18 March, 2018: www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2000/12/001201152406.htm 

To enable a more accurate description of Ana’s lethal effects from the tiger’s infrasound, during research, this author discovered the report by Alex Davies, “Bioeffects of Sound.” He wrote that infrasound can kill animals by setting up vibrations within their body. He reported lung collapse (pneumothorax) has been triggered by infrasound vibrations. Air may enter the cavity between the lungs and chest wall causing lung stress or collapse. The victim experiences breathlessness and chest pain. During the vibrations, lungs may vibrate at the same frequency and cause loss of breath. 
       Davies, Alex. “Acoustic Trauma: Bioeffects of Sound.” SCRIBD. (November 5, 2012): Accessed December 2012, https://www.scribd.com/document/127555222/Acoustic-Trauma-Bioeffects-of-Sound-pdf 

The Max-Planck Institut fur Bildungsforschung has announced humans can hear sounds lower than had previously been assumed, down to 8 Hertz. This was discovered when 8 Hertz activated the primary auditory cortex of the brain. The brain picked up the vibrations while the human heard nothing. There is controversy as to whether infrasound causes hearing damage. Research is ongoing. 
       Bergomin, Fabio. “Lattice Structure Absorbs Vibrations.”.ETH Zurich. (July 29, 2016): Accessed November 2016,  https://www.ethz.ch/en/news-and-events/eth-news/news/2016/07/lattice-structure-absorbs-vibrations.html       
Not affected by ground cover, tiger infrasound can incapacitate animals up to five miles away. 
      “Conference Report – Acoustics.”  New Scientist. (03 May 201) 21. 

Although not used in this novel, a most intriguing comment by Sarah Angliss was, “Infrasound can cause seemingly paranormal experiences.” Perhaps readers will visit the zoo more often to check that out. 
        Angliss, Sarah. “Organ Pipes & Haunted Sites." National Physical Laboratory. Brighton, UK. (April 2003). Accessed July 2016, http://www.sarahangliss.com/portfolio/infrasonic 

MICROBIOCIDE: A water treatment, microbiocide is an alternative water treatment used to destroy bacteria, algae and fungi. The product was developed using regulatory approvals for environmental fate, toxicology and performance data. It is used primarily in industrial cooling water systems, mist air-washers, and paper mill manufacturing. In the near future it is hoped an American chemical company will have smaller amounts applicable for use in purifying drinking water for third world countries, primitive areas, and during national disasters when clean water is unavailable. 
       Hack, T.K., Lashen, E.S. and Greenley, D.E “The Evaluation of Biocide Efficacy Against Sessile Microorganisms” Developments in Industrial Microbiology  29 Suppl.3. (1988) 247-253. 

NAVIGATION VIA SIGNALS OF OPPORTUNITY (NAVSOP):  The British NAVSOP (Navigation via Signals of Opportunity) system is used for determining locations within 3-meters. Using a diverse range of existing transmissions including mobile phone, radio and Wi-Fi signals, NAVSOP provides security in urban, isolated or underground regions lacking GPS/satellite access. It also eliminates hostile jamming opportunities created by singular transmission signals. 

PIPER CHEROKEE PA-28: Built by Piper Aircraft, the Cherokee was designed for flight training, transport and personal use. The metal aircraft is not pressurized and has a single engine with low-mounted wings. It can have two or four seats. The landing gear is a tricycle configuration. First built in 1960, the Cherokee is the fourth most produced aircraft in the world. 

Author Irene Baron used a Cherokee to obtain her VFR certification. She said it is one of the easiest airplanes to fly and a favorite of owners. 

REMOTE VIEWING  (RV):  According to Paul H. Smith of the International Remote Viewing Association (www.irva.org ), “Remote viewing is a mental faculty that allows a perceiver (a “viewer”) to describe or give details about a target that is inaccessible to normal senses due to distance, time, or shielding.” They relate it to “so-called psi,” such as clairvoyance or telepathy. 

During the research, viewing targets have included international sites, astronomical objects and enclosed areas.  The RV act is a learned discipline. The viewer accesses the subconscious in their mind to view the world. The process is also called “Out of Body” (OUB).  The Farsight Institute  (www.farsight.org) wrote, “Remote viewing is a controlled and trainable mental process involving psi (or psychic ability). It is used to transfer perceptual information across time and space. It is clear that remote viewing works in complete violation of the accepted “laws” of quantum and relativistic physics. 
        Smith, Paul H. “What is Remote Viewing,” International Remote Viewing Association. (March 18, 2018): Accessed  March 2018. https://www.irva.org/ 

Over two decades of research on parapsychological or psi phenomena took place at Stanford Research Institute (SRI).  H.E. Puthoff was the first director of that research. The project began with  “…increasing concern in the intelligence community about the level of effort in Soviet parapsychology being funded by the soviet security services.” By 1976, remote viewers in the United States were hired by SRI as consultants. The CIA, and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), during the life of the program used remote viewing for the military organizations. Between 1986 and 1995, military organizations requested assistance over 200 times for information not available elsewhere. 
       Puthoff, H.E. “CIA – Initiated Remote Viewing At Stanford Research Institute.”  The Intelligencer, Journal of U.S. Intelligence Studies. 12, No. 1. (Summer 2001) 50-67. 

ROBAR RC-50: The Robar is a bolt-action sniper rifle. There are many manufacturers. One is the custom gunsmiths at the United States Robar Companies, Inc. Phoenix, Arizona. The Robar which author Irene Baron used for practice was 46-inches long with a telescopic scope. She repeatedly hit the bullseye of a 1” thick steel target at 500 yards. Using the bipod legs, she said the Robar was smooth and had no recoil. It is used as a sniper rifle in MINDREACHER novels. Always be responsible, respectable and safe with firearms. 

SANDIA NATIONAL LABORATORIES:  The Sandia National Laboratories are operated by the National Technology and Engineering Solutions of Sandia. The main labs in Albuquerque, New Mexico make up one of three National Nuclear Security Administration research and development laboratories and has a budget of over 3 billion dollars. It is a contractor for the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration and supports other federal, state and local government agencies and companies. 

SECURITY LEVELS: Working with classified data, individuals must have a clearance at that level or higher. Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) is required for TS, Q & SCI access. Standard checks include employment, education, organization affiliations, local agencies, different residences, foreign travel, assets, character references, and interviews with persons who know the individual, including family members. 

            Security levels vary in different countries. International security levels usually are: 

Public Open Sources   May be read/known by anyone 

Declassified                 Previously classified and POS 

Unclassified                 Refers to information which may be illegal to distribute 

Confidential                 First and lowest classification level 

Secret                          Also known as Collateral or Ordinary Secret   

Top Secret                   Data that affects national security, counterterrorism, counterintelligence or other highly sensitive data 

TS-SCI:                        Top Secret - Sensitive Compartmented Information. Individuals within one compartment may not have access to information in other compartments. 

SAP:                            Special Access programs. Used when information is exceptional. L and Q clearances are Dept. of Energy. “Yankee White” is working with the President or Vice President. 

USAP:                         Unacknowledged SAP 

Waived USAP              Temporary privilege to read/know USAP 

ACCM:                         Alternative or Compensatory Control Measures 

Private Contractors      Exclusive CIA &/or Cliques 

Them                            Members encompassing high national officeholders 

SHAOLIN TEMPLE:  Located in Denfeng County, Henan Province, China, the Buddhist Shaolin Temple was founded in the 5th century.  The martial arts method practiced and taught at the Shaolin Temple, Shaolin Kung Fu, is considered one of the best in the world.  MINDREACHER hero, Major Coulter, studied at the Shaolin Temple for four years after graduating from high school and before enlisting with the U.S. Marine Corps. 

SHOBO WEAPON: A small piece of sharp edged, pointed wood with an attached ring at its center. The ring fits over the middle finger allowing the shobo to be hidden within the fist.  With one in each hand, they are used by Ninja warriors to strike pressure points, paralyze or kill enemies without leaving a trace. 

SHORINJI  KEMP0:  The martial art form of  the World Shorinji Kempo organization originated in Japan in 1947. Founder, So Doshin, realized law and government required character and the “…way of thinking of the person” in authority.” He stated “…everything depends on the quality of the person.” After WWII he dedicated his life to “…educating youth with the spirit and backbone the country needed.” He desired to train these future leaders to give them “…indomitable spirits and sturdy bodies,” courage and confidence. He reformulated Chinese and Japanese martial arts to create a unique, technical martial art form, Shorinji Kempo. The nonprofit World Shorinji Kempo Organization is the global framework. 
        Editor. “History of Shorinji Kempo.” Shorinji Kempo, East Portland Branch. (2013): Accessed 1 November 2017, http://www.portlandsk.org/history. 
        Editor. “What’s Shorinji Kempo Organization?” World Shorinji Kempo Organization. (2018) Accessed 17 March 2018,  http://www.shorinjikempo.or.jp/wsko/history/index.html 

SIG SAUER: Begun in 1853, two men in Switzerland began a company which would become one of the most renowned manufacturers of small arms. Now headquartered in Newington, New Hampshire, SIG SAUER is the largest member of a worldwide business group of firearms manufacturers. They offer unparalleled design expertise and extensive manufacturing capacity. 

Author Baron used the classic SIG SAUER P226 Legion SAO RX as the weapon of choice for hero Major Coulter because it is used by elite United States forces and been proven in combat. His 9mm SIG has a 4.4” barrel and non-reflective grey finish. She recommends you always be responsible, respectable, and safe with firearms. 

SINHALA LANGUAGE:  Sinhala is the native language spoken by the largest ethnic group of people in Sri Lanka. 

SITAR:  The sitar is a string instrument originating in India and used in Hindu classical music. In the lute family, it is most like the banjo in proportion with a four-foot long neck. It usually has five metal strings and twenty frets. The “box” is often a made from a gourd. 

SMART PILL: The cognitive enhancer, modafinil, has been known to improve memory or focus.  Drugs which contain modafinil (brand name Provigil, normally prescribed for sleep disorders) include Ritalin (given to people with ADHD) and Adderall (a mixture of amphetamine salts). The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) announced the Academy of Medical Sciences in 2008 reported “…even a small 10% improvement in a memory score could lead to a higher A-level grade or degree class, and that is a big improvement.”  There have been no long term studies to determine side effects and risks of use. 
      Watts, Susan.“Do cognitive-enhancing drugs work?” BBC News. (November 9, 2011): Accessed  November 14, 2011, https://www.bbc.com/news/health-15600900 

SNIPER: “A marksman or qualified specialist who operates alone, in a pair, or with a sniper team to maintain close visual contact with the enemy and shoot enemies from concealed positions or distances exceeding the detection capabilities of enemy personnel. The U.S. Marine training manual, listed below, was the first source author Irene Baron studied before practice firing 50-caliber sniper firearms like the ROBAR. 
      U.S. Marine Corps Scout Sniper Training Manual. Scout/Sniper Instructor School. Marksmanship Training Unit. Weapons training Battalion. Marine Corps Development and Education Command. Quantico, VA. Lancer Militaria. 1989. 

SPIDERSILK: Spidersilk can be compared to a biosteel. The spider gene, specific to milk producing animals, has been placed in goats. The milk produced will allow production of silk. Fibers made from spinning of goat milk create a biosteel with three and one-half times the strength of aramid fibers currently used in bulletproof armor. Areas of the government involved in the study and outcome include the NASA Langley Research Center, U.S. Air Force, DARPA, CIA, FBI, Southern Command, Atlantic Command, the Australian DOD, plus more. The two main characters of MINDREACHER wear bulletproof clothing with a composition including spidersilk. 
       Buchnell, Dennis, “The future is now.” Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [CIRCA 2025]. Future Strategies Issues. (July 21, 2001) 34 

SPINOFFS: Spinoffs occur when original products or techniques discovered during research are repurposed for other uses. Beginning in 1976, NASA documented annual spinoffs to private and commercial enterprises to benefit mankind. Other types of spinoffs may include books, climate or ecological research, corporate mergers, education, electronic programs, entertainment, healthcare, movies, stocks, television programs and websites. 

STAR GATE: Project Star Gate (1978-1995) was a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) codename for a US government project which studied psychic and supernatural phenomenon for spying and military uses. 

The project goal was to establish a program using psychoenergetics for intelligence applications. Psychoenergetics is when a person “can perceive, communicate or change characteristics of something or someone that it separate from that person in space or time. It also describes things such as remote viewing, where people can see things in another place, and telekinesis, where someone can move an object that they're not actually touching.” Questions exist as to whether the program was actually shut down or just moved to a secret “Special Access Program” classification. 
       Griffin, Andrew, “Project Stargate: CIA Makes Details of Its Psychic Control Plans Public.” The Independent Tech. (January 18, 2017) 

STUBBY HUBBLES:  The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) transferred two KH-11- type “digital imaging reconnaissance spacecraft” to NASA. They are often called SpySats.   

One was refitted to look down instead of up for science applications. The telescopes are reported to have “high tech lightweight mirrors far more advanced than Hubble’s.”  The mirrors were manufactured between the late 1990s and early 2000s. NASA and university astronomers found the mirrors superior to those in the Hubble Space Telescope, especially for detecting and imaging extrasolar planets and gathering evidence to define dark energy. They can be easily moved by ground control or onboard instrumentation. 
              Deployed telescopes, with an aperture of 2.4-meters. are reported to have the capability to zero in on terrorists and areas of interest such as Iran, North Korea, China, and the Soviet Union. Since the instrument bay is only 5-feet high, the newly acquired NRO telescopes have been dubbed the ‘Stubby Hubbles.’ Astronomers are calling them “Super Hubbles.” They were designed for observing Earth objects up to 3.9-inch resolution from an altitude greater than 200 miles. NASA looks forward to funding in the early 2020’s for research missions using the hardware. Although images taken with the telescopes are not being released, the instruments are currently unclassified.               Covault. Craig. “Top Secret KH-11 Spysat Design Revealed By NRO’s Twin.  
      Telescope Gift to NASA.” AmericaSpace-For a nation that explores.(June 6, 2012): Accessed June 6, 2012,  https://www.americaspace.com/2012/06/06/top-secret-kh-11-spysat-design-revealed-by-nros-twin-telescope-gift-to-nasa/ . 

TACTICAL PEN: A tactical writing pen/defender that could save your life is an overlooked weapon that can be carried in a pocket. Often made with titanium or lightweight aircraft aluminum, the durable carbide tip breaks vehicle glass.  They resemble and can be used as a normal ballpoint pen. They have a sturdy, non-slip metal grip. Either end of the pen can cause deadly lacerations. Their uses as a weapon include: 

1. Flat end: blunt weapon to break bones, especially a skull 

2. Pointed end: as a dagger in a thrust/stab/gouge, to rip nostrils or jaw, break heavy glass, ice pick, etc. 

3. Hold inside a fisted hand to increase momentum and strike force 

4. Throw as a bo-shuriken style weapon 

5. In a spear grip extend reach for raking action 

Author Irene Baron always has a tactical pen with her. 

X-CHROMOSOME/INTELLIGENCE: “The Y has a mere 100 or so genes, and there is no evidence that any of them are linked to cognition. This contrasts sharply with the 1,200-odd genes on the X chromosome. There is mounting evidence that at least 150 of these genes are linked to intelligence, and there is definite evidence that verbal IQ is linked. It suggests that a mother’s contribution to intelligence may be more significant than a father’s – especially if the child is male, because a male’s one and only X chromosome comes from his mother. And in females, the X chromosome derived from the father is in fact bequeathed directly from the father’s mother, simply setting the maternal X-effect back one generation, so to speak.” 
       Badcock, C. Ph.D. “The Incredible Expanding Adventures of the X Chromosome.”  Psychology Today. (September 6, 2011) Accessed September 2011, Https://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/201109/the-incredible-expanding-adventures-the-x-chromosome 

XHOSA/CLICK LANGUAGE:  The mouth shape may be the reason some persons in Africa can speak with click sounds. “In recent research, Scott Moisik of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and Dan Dediu of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegan, the Netherlands, build biomechanical models that simulated clicks in vocal tracks with alveolar ridges of varying sizes.” The alveolar ridge between the upper teeth and roof of the mouth is missing or small in click speaking persons. Everyone can learn click languages in varying degrees, but not without errors in pronunciation and click consonants. Susanne Fuchs, senior researcher at the Leibniz Center of General Linguistics in Berlin stated, “The palate shape of an individual matures from early childhood to puberty and … may be affected by frequent productions of clicks.” The question: is the absent alveolar ridge an inherited palate configuration or the change of palate caused by speaking the click language? 
      Pycha, Anne. “Linguistics. Speaking in Clicks.” Scientific American. (December 2017). 15. 


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